I am partner and founding member at the consulting firm Jacobi & Jacobi. We advise clients in strategic online marketing. Working with a strong network of professionals, we develop long-term interdisciplinary strategies that include display advertising, search engine optimization, budget planning, online and social media, viral & content marketing, site auditing, digital strategies, tracking & re-tracking and tons of other geeky stuff.

My Goal is always to find the most successful mix and combine technical communication with the best of advertising & brand strategy. Crunching numbers and solving riddles is my daily business.

I run campaigns for my own brands on a daily basis and test new traffic sources and mechanisms all the time. I burn money and i make money in the development of new ways to optimize my companies marketing, sometimes called „interesting“ or experimental, sometimes called innovative. My inner Monk is tracking. I have a strong need to understand the source of metrics.

Most of my work is in Europe and the US. But living in Dubai for more than 5 years, i have deveolped a good sense for the UAE market.

I began working in this industry by a stroke of luck when i was in highschool and now I cannot imagine doing anything else. I am extremely passionate about my work and find great satisfaction in helping businesses thrive in the way of online marketing.

My pack includes a bunch of horses and my dogs max & skip. Offline you will find me building stuff, hiking, horseback riding, swimming and reading. Coffee girl, party n00b, island kid, hippie bred.

Any questions? Write me an e-mail, call me or stop by Jacobi & Jacobi in Frankfurt after making an appointment.