1. Tell everyone you are: „no.1 clubhouse moderator for [[fancy biz topic copied from latest KPMG reports]]“
  2. Show you „founded [[put in maximum number]] companies in [[at least 3 leading countries + 2 emerging markets]]“ (yes, your soda biz in 3rd grade counts)
  3. Make sure you are „spiritual leader with a mission, [[meditating|dancing|some religion you founded]]“
  4. List every company you worked for since highschool with stock-short-codes
  5. If you are not a founder right now, just mention a stealth mode for a business you and your friends talked about at your last beer-zoom session
  6. and most importantly: make sure you mention your gazillionair status with happy party emojis

then: open up a crypto or trading room and give meaningfull insights in your trading biz. Just make sure you have an ebook to sell and some platform people can sign up for.

whop whop! off you go. <rocket emoji>