Please only consider taking the job if you can cope with:

  • Your client being a pixel-pedant
  • You truly work mobile first (no desktop designs in my inbox before mobile. never. i mean it)
  • You don’t aim for the most fancy, new, extraordinary design-idea, but design so people & companies can actually use it
  • You can deal with an „ugly but works“ attitude
  • You think about a user, not art, when creating a landing page
  • You know that one landing page is never alone, there will be a click, and then there is another landing page.. and another.. and another… they come in packs
  • You are annoyed by poor performance while surfing on your phone with edge reception & can remember that feeling while thinking about this „one more“ 1630x800px full HD graphic that would look nice on this landing page.
  • You are very sure the 90s are gone, and should not come back internet wise
  • You agree that creating many different fancy image formats that result in  decades of extra work for our trainees will lead to a decade long job for you, at no extra cost
  • You used a „slider“ before, and didn’t like it. And you know we won’t either. not even in the sub-nav.
  • You heard of this mysterious CSS, about Patches, Hacks and JS, and you agree that there is a time for that. And then there is a time to just stay clean. But the “time for that” are as rare as winning the lottery in 2001, today.

so basically we are looking for a web designer that actually read some references in his life after 1998 & enjoys using websites. Not looking at them in some adobe tools.

to be clear, here is a link to the definition ob web design: 

Thanks for your time, you might rant about me now. but please, only publicly.